When I was contacted by Sister Abla to elaborate more on my choice of 'women breaking stereotypes' role, I mulled for quite a long time.

It's one thing commenting on it, but to really pour your thoughts in it, is a whole other matter.

But I try to make it as sensible as possible, so bear with me alright.


The role that made me feel empowered is being a SILENT SUPPORTER.

I did not mean it as sending prayers to someone without them knowing it, or helping them behind their back (although it could be that too).

My version of a silent supporter is...let me give an example

We put all kind of masks when when we are facing the world. The public. We put on brave faces. We only let them see what we want to let them see.

But we have our own fears. Our own ugly sides. Our own hideous breakdowns. And sometimes, that side we do not wish to show to anybody, including those who are close to us. Most of the time because we don't want them to worry.


There are people who are not close to us or acquaintances that Allah put in our path. Someone that somehow we felt inclined to open up to. And somehow, they accepted us, they embraced our dark side, lent an ear for us to vent no matter how ridiculous and outrageous it is.


The silent supporter did not judge us for it. Or bashed us for being irrational at that time.
Kind words were exchanged. Encouragement was given.

And we bounced back lighter, better and brighter than before.

These silent supporters, they know little about our life—but they know our hidden side. They were not even in our small circle, but somehow, we could trust them.

In short, my version of silent supporter is a person not really close to us, maybe just a co worker,  not our BFF, not our close family member, other people don't even know that we correspond with each other—but at some point our paths crossed, and that point become the reason we are able to open up our heart to them, just for that one particular matter.

Does this even make sense?
I have been privileged to be a silent supporter to few of my acquaintances/friends, I even surprised myself. How on earth they could think to open up to me?

Of course I could not help much but I know that just by being there helped them in some way to get through and move on.

I felt empowered because through this  role, I learnt:

1. Not to judge
2. People, most of the time are not what they seem. Everybody has their own struggles
3. Simple kind words, a smile, being understanding could help lift a spirit.
4. Somehow, by His Grace, some people even can open up to a love-being-alone introvert like me.
5. Allah created us for a reason, no matter how insignificant we felt ourselves are. 

Similarly, I have been blessed with people who are my silent supporter.

For that, I thank you.

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